Friday, 4 November 2011

Olga's Rucola Salad

I want to show you delicious rucola salad I made yesterday. It's simple and taste really nice.
All you need is:

100g of rucola (may be mixed with radicchio)
150 g of smoked cheese (i used polish smoked goat cheese)
2 tomatoes
125 g mozzarella
2 claws of garlic
juice squeezed from 1 lemon
fresh basil
1/3 cup of olive oil extravergine 
salt, pepper

 Take rucola and wash it carefully, than you can shake it in sieve covering the bottom with a bowl or something.

Next cut up all the ingridients into about 1 cm pieces. Add it all to rucola.

Then sauce: pour olive oil to an empty glass, then throw couple of basil leaves and pressed garlic and of course salt and pepper- not much, just a pinch of each.

Mix it well, then pour into a bowl with all other ingridients, and mix all together.


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